Wednesday, March 18, 2015

4 Secrets for Creating a Happy Family

Crating a happy family is the vision of most families. But to achieve any vision, a suitable mission should be set. Therefore, to achieve a happy family, there is a that should be set. of course, love between parents is very important, but this love should be decorated by some actions. I will post for you 4 secrets to achieve the vision of creating a happy family.

1) Sit on one table for having food. Food time should be done on one table at one time, and not each family member alone. For example, lunch should be done one time for all family members, and if somebody just got late, the responsibility of other members to wait for him before having food.

2) Set up a family day. Every one have friends and loves hanging out with friends. At the same time, family time should be important for all family members too. Setting up a family day is great idea to keep close to each others. In family day, the whole family will sit together, have lunch, create laughter, and speak about own problems which need a group solution.

3) Make a day out which must be other than the family day. Try to hang out together as one family on a day other than the family day. In addition, try to make it unplanned. In this way, the relation ship between family members will be much stronger. For example, you can go out to watch a movie together, or have dinner in a restaurant, or even have a family drink out.

4) Don't forget any family member's celebrations. Always try to remember as one family each member's celebration. For example, on some one's birthday, try to make a separate family surprise party with all family members attendance.


Sunday, March 15, 2015

The meaning of a proposed love gift

Most people buy gifts frequently for their relationship's partners. Some people knows what to buy, when to buy, and from where they buy their gifts. Other people miss the art of choosing the gift they are going to propose. In choosing any gift for a partner, the most important thing  is to think about the message you are sending to the partner using the chosen gift.

One way of choosing what to buy, is to ask your partner's best friend. Most of times, people speak more freely to friends than spouses. Therefore, your partner's best friend will know exactly what your spouse is thinking deeply inside themselves. Another way of choosing a gift for your partner is to take them out, expose them to different products, and try to study their reaction to items. In this way you can know what mostly interest them. Finally, if you have a certain message to send, try always to send something that can be decoded in the way you want.

The place of giving the gift is very important to think about. Try to find a place that is interesting to your partner, and related to the message you are sending. For example, if you are giving a gift because your wife is pregnant, try to give it at home, to show her how much you take care of her, and you want her to stay relaxed all the time.

There are always a better place to buy your gift from. your partner's needs and personality effects the place you are going to choose. For example if your partner rates the gift according to its physical value, you need to purchase something that has a big physical value. Otherwise, if your partner has a more emotional personality, you don't have to purchase something with big physical value, but still the physical value will make an effect. Therefore, try always to purchase your gift either from a place that your partner loves, or from a well known brand.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

An Email Message to My Wife

A Message from My Heart

Since I opened my eyes to this world, there was a seed of love in my heart. This seed was growing year after another. When I have reached my teenage, this seed was large enough to touch the main vein of my heart, pumping more blood to my brain, and giving the pleasure feeling of love. The brain have decoded these messages of love into your name, and asked my whole body to be yours, forever. 

When I grew up as an adult, my heartbeats were slowing down, and less blood reaching my brain, each time you were far from my eye view. My soul has diagnosed my sickness and said to my brain that the only medicine is marriage. Therefore, I had to marry you to save my heartbeats, my brain, and my life. 

After marriage, the seed of love had become mature enough, and harvested a mountain of love, with a fall of kisses, and a moving river of happiness. Until today, I love you more, and the mountain is becoming bigger, each and every single moment being by your side. I am discovering your holy soul more each moment of love we are living. 

Today, you are pregnant, and going to bring life to the river of happiness inside our hearts. I promise to be yours, and our baby’s, forever. I want you to forgive me for each single moment I wasn’t beside you, or I had scratched your feelings, unintentionally. I am writing you this email because I couldn’t find a better way to send my feelings more freely. To sum up, 


Monday, March 2, 2015

Funniest Love Proposal Ever :-D

The funniest love proposal ever that you must watch :-D

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