Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Beautiful meaning of Love

Many people confuses between the feeling of love and the way they express it. Love, in my opinion, is peace. It is a feeling that is felt deep inside you. You always show your love by using actions, but these actions itself is not the love. For example, many people think that love is sex, but sex is not. Sex is a way, of the many ways, of expressing your love. It is the same as when you give your lover a flower. Love, in its real meaning, is the feeling of peace. This is the best feeling that someone may have. The feeling of peace opens for you the door of forgiveness, even if you are not the type of person who forgives other people. Imagine if we have the ability to love each and everyone in the world. If this happens, we will never hear the word war again, and this is what we all dreaming of. In my opinion, every one of us should try the feeling of love and take a good care of the one he loves. If all people left you, there will be always one for you, your lover.

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