Sunday, October 18, 2009

Love vs. Faith

Many people think that love depends on faith. They say that if we broke up, that will be our faith. In other words, they try to hide their mistakes behind the word faith. But if we used our minds a little bit, we will see that it is our mistakes and we broke up not because of faith. In my opinion, god gave us brains to use it by thinking. You can use your brain to choose your directions. Therefore, you can’t break up and say it is faith even if something wrong happened in your relationship. It is like you throw yourself from a top of a thirteen floor building and say it is my faith!! True love never ends up. As I said in my last writing, love opens for you the door of forgiveness. So, if you really loves you lover, you will forgive him/her even if he made a big mistake. Finally, a couple can stay with each other forever if they really that.

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