Sunday, October 25, 2009

Loving You

Loving you…No, it's not just a word to write or say. Your love gave me hope to my life, showed me the real me, helped me know that nothing matter except the one who is part of you…Breathing you…It's a simple word that may describe the way I feel with you, seeing you in my thoughts and dreams, to me you are a true dream, it's not love who knows that but it's me when I feel your air… Living in your heart…It's a story of my life since I was small, dreaming of my prince, my love, my heart, & my soul mate, living in your heart is my happiness every day I woke up, its finding a reason for me to live…Seeing your eyes…the seconds of thought in your eyes, allows me to live a moment of silence, a moment of love, a moment I forgot what happen all day & a start of a new day, a moment that everyone dreams about living it…These words may touch you & your feeling, in fact they are just words, come into my heart and watch the mountain of love to you in my heart, it’s a mountain coming higher every day, just look at my eyes & you'll feel the flame of. But the only words I want you to remember & to put them in your heart, is to forgive me for every moment you were weak & I couldn’t be next to you, and for every moment I was the reason to drop your tears. I wish I could break myself into pieces just to show you that I could never be perfect & give you the enough love for a person like you. A person like you must live million years to take the love that you deserve. As I'm the one who found you, as I'm the one who gets to hear the word "I need you & I love you" from you. I promise you, alive or dead, I'll always, always, and always be there next to your soul. My last and never ending words to you my love, be sure my big trust in you will never go and it'll last forever because I know the real you deep inside your heart. Grab my hand with your hand, and trust my adorable love to you that is it let you one other day down, then this was the day I died….Forgive me ♥
Written By: Iman


  1. I like this one...
    Make me feel romantic with the word of 'Love'
    Love your blog...
    Dont forget to visit my blog too..
    Keep blogging!!

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