Sunday, September 14, 2014


My lovely friends and readers,

I would like to post my experience of life today. It all starts when I was 14 years old and I had a crush to a girl who used to see her frequently, because she is a daughter of my mother's friend. I start thinking of her in a night rich of love and joy. It was strange for me to think of her in that way because I used to see her, and everything was normal, until that night. I didn't speak with her, and that was my mistake. when I turned 16, her father died, and after a short period I spoke with her about my feelings towards her. She was really broken after her father's death, so she replied by feeling nothing towards me except loving me as a friend. I finished my high school and went to university where I met more girls, never felt the same to any other girl. The surprise was that I received a phone call from my love when I turned 21. That was 3 years after I have heard her voice for the last time. We spoke for a couple of months until we are in a serious relationship. Now after 8 years from that night when I first start thinking of her, we are planning our wedding one month from now :):) after we took and furnished our first home. I really appreciate all comments and advice from my loving readers on how to make it a happy marriage for our rest of life. <3 p="">

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