Saturday, March 3, 2012

Online Dating Story

Clayton and I met via AOL Instant messenger back in 1999. We were friends for a good year before we became a couple back in early April 2000. We finally met in person in August 2001.

Neither of us were expecting to fall in love online, but yet here we are telling you our story. This is the story of our first meeting.

It was an early morning of August 6th, a sharp ringing woke me up; I stumbled for the phone on my nightstand.

“Hello” I answered in my sleepy voice

“Hi baby time to get up and catch a plane” I smiled and woke up slowly, knowing that soon I would be in the arms of someone I loved so much. I said goodnight to Clayton, and got ready for the long journey ahead of me. My sister Sarah was picking me up along with my mother. I’d never flown before, and this was such a major step for me to take. Flying half way across the world, on my own to meet someone I’d never met before. And what made it worse was that I had to change flights in Copenhagen, I was taking a big risk.

But I knew I’d be all right somehow I just knew everything would be ok. Although the other part of me was literally terrified, scared that Clayton wouldn’t like me once we met and vice versa too.

After a 2hr drive with my mother and sister we got to Birmingham Airport. With mixed emotions I checked my luggage in. I looked down at my watch, 10am less than an hour and I’d be flying. I sat in the cafeteria with a luke-warm coffee, I looked over at my mother, who was watching the planes take off. The look in her eyes told me that she was so excited for me. And from that moment I knew this wasn’t a dream, I was actually going to be boarding my first flight in 45mins. A tear started to roll down my cheek, I felt scared and alone. I cried even harder as I leaned over and hugged my mother tightly.

“I don’t want to go now.” I sobbed. My sister smiled at my mother and said

“I thought you’d be in tears before her” I wiped my wet eyes and took a deep breath my mother said.

“Look you can do this, you’ve been looking forward to this for so long. It’s a chance of a life time to go to the States, you’ll be fine.” I smiled and hugged her tightly, tears from my mother started to fall, but yet she didn’t realize that what she had just said made me feel warm and happy inside.

Finally my flight was called; I slowly walked over to the boarding area. I hugged my mother and sister. And gave my passport and ticket to the man standing there, I turned round and waved goodbye for the last time. Tears swelled my eyes again as I walked through to check my hand luggage. I walked down the corridor into the boarding lounge. I handed my passport and ticket, and I walked down the long tunnel and onto my first plane, bound for Copenhagen. I sat there with my seatbelt fastened I watched the ground slowly disappear, and then quickly replaced with sky and fluffy white clouds, it was amazing.

I arrived in Copenhagen a little lost, but somewhat excited. I found my next flight easy, so much easier than I thought it would be. In fact I got there an hour earlier than I was suppose too. Time went by and I handed my passport and ticket to be checked, I walked onto my second flight bound for Seattle. A 10hr flight later and I walked off into Customs, the line was long, and I slowly walked over to a booth where my passport was stamped. Yaay I had a stamp on my passport! I slowly boarded a Transit Train, which took me to collect my luggage; I didn’t know where to go from there so I stood still. I noticed everyone going up the escalator in front of me. I walked a little to the escalator and I saw a familiar face, Clayton was standing right at the top. I walked on and watched Clayton move towards me, as the stairs moved to the top. I smiled and tried to speak but I couldn’t my mouth was so dry and I was so tired. He handed me a single red rose and I smiled, as I smelled the flower.

“Mmm, thank you it’s beautiful.” He caressed my cheek and said “No you're beautiful, come here I need a hug.” He wrapped his arms around me tightly, and tingles ran through my whole body I smiled, as we held each other for a good ten minutes it was perfect. Finally I was with the guy I had fallen in love with, he raised my chin and kissed me deeply. As we kissed, our first kiss, I knew that things were just as they should be.

We collected my luggage and walked back to his car, the atmosphere between us was amazing I couldn’t stop giggling and he couldn’t stop holding my hand. All my fears I had at the very beginning had vanished. I know Clayton loves me for me and I love him for him. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The whole 2wks were the best of my life every day was perfect, he made everyday all the more special. Especially the day when we went on a Cruise to Victoria Canada, he proposed with a gorgeous engagement ring, and I accepted. I know Clayton is the one I am truly meant to be with and share my life with to the full; it’s funny how it all started over an IM 6 years ago. We were married 6 July 2004.


  1. That story touched my heart and brought a tear to my eye! It reminded of myself and my husband who met online as well. Your story brought back so many fond memories of when we first met online and then when we met in person. I really felt like I connected with you and your story, thank you for sharing!

  2. thanks:)and hope u a the best life with your husband:)


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