Monday, February 9, 2015

5 Best Items to Say I LOVE YOU

Here I have gathered for you the best five items to say I Love you. I tried the first item I am going to mention, and believe me I ended up on bed for a great romantic show:) Hope it will work for you as well.


This item is a hand made glass with a great love poem written on it. I personally tried this item and it worked with me very well. This item is highly recommended from me personally.

This book is written by Lisa Swerling. The book contains a story that can be given as a beautiful romantic gift. I, personally, didn't try this book, but I read about too many people who tried it and found it cute and romantic.


What I love about you is a book of statements that contain fill in the blank format. This book is best when you want to say every thing you didn't think about before. The book contains all the situations you may face with your lover in a fill in the blank format.


This is a mental token which is kept in the pocket all the time. This item is perfect in giving a strong feeling of engagement between the two lovers + it gives the feeling of being around each other all the time. This item can be a great gift in my opinion, and I think I am going to try next.

A way of saying I LOVE YOU by giving this pillow as a gift. The special about this gift is that no body can understand the meaning of the gift accept you and your lover. Every body is going to look at it as a funny gift, but the lovers will still feel the special thing about this item.

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