Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Your Way to a Long Lasting Emotional Love Relationship

When we first get in love, we feel the happiness on each phone call, we feel like missing our lovers if they didn't call or show for a while, and we feel ourselves in a heaven of an emotional relationship. It is easy to like someone, feel someone, and get in love with someone, but the big challenge is how to keep the emotional feeling of the relationship last longer and forever.

In my opinion, to keep your emotional relationship last longer you should get engaged together in as many daily activities as possible. For example, try writing a list of places you both going to visit together next. This theory is proven to keep you both interested and looking forward  to live another emotional day together. Another option is to read a book together, and discuss your expectations and opinions after the read. In this way, you both are going to discover new thoughts inside each other, but you didn't the opportunity to speak about before. In addition, trying a cooking project together is a perfect way to spend more happy time together. There are many other ways to keep interest in each other. The last advice I am going to say, is to think, think, and think about your lover. always give excuses to your lover if he/she didn't do things in the right way, or as you see it a right way.

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